About Personal Loan

Personal Loan is a short to medium term unsecured loan, which does not require any collateral/security for disbursal. They are generally disbursed in a few hours to a few days with minimal or no paperwork at all. A key feature of personal loan is its flexible end-use. Thus, this unsecured loan can be used to meet a variety of needs ranging from emergency medical expenses to planned expenditures such as home renovation, wedding, etc.

A personal loan as the name suggests is provided to individuals and not businesses. Most banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) offer personal loans to both salaried and self-employed individuals/professionals. The eligibility criteria for a personal loan vary slightly depending on the type of applicant

Compare Personal Loan Interest Rates of All Banks

You should do a detailed comparison of personal loan interest rates and charges of all banks before choosing the best bank for the personal loan.

  • Interest rates for personal loans: Banks launch attractive schemes with low-interest rates on a regular basis, especially for individuals working with large reputed companies. Rate of interest varies based on the categorisation of your company in the internal categories of banks which can vary from bank to bank. Hence, always check for personal loan offers from multiple banks to get the cheapest rates
  • · Personal loan processing fees – Most banks charge a processing fees of Rs. 999 to up to 2% of the loan amount, whichever is higher. Since these loans are short tenure loans, higher processing fees can result in significantly high cost on loans. Hence, it is important to compare the All-Inclusive Rates (AIRs) for personal financial loans to compare and shortlist the top offer. Get a detailed comparison on the interest rate, processing fees and attractive cashback offers by applying online through MyLoanCare.
  • Insurance premium - Since these are unsecured loans, banks request the borrower to take an insurance policy when availing a loan. However, the premium varies from bank to bank depending upon the risk coverage under various policies. So, check the loan sanction letter carefully to know the coverage and premium. You may also want to do a comparison of various insurance policies to be able to choose a policy which gives you adequate coverage at the lowest premium.
  • Personal loan prepayment and foreclosure – Nobody wants to keep paying interest on a loan when you have surplus money available to repay it. Sometimes you may want to repay a part of your loan before time which is called part prepayment. In case you decide to pay the entire loan amount before time, it is called foreclosure. Banks typically levy prepayment or foreclosure charges on personal loans ranging from nil to up to 5%. So, check carefully if the low-interest rate personal loan you are getting comes with high prepayment or foreclosure charges. Some banks, might not allow you to prepay your loans before few months and the same needs to be considered while taking a loan.

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